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Professional industrial vacuum cleaner fixed on carriage unit is intended for effective vacuuming of dust or liquids. It is constructed for big industrial factories needs (foundries, cement mills, others), but can be used in all well ventilated big industrial areas or for use in outside areas. It is designed for vacuuming even very fine materials (e.g. plaster mixtures, cementum, ash, foundry dust, fine spice, colour powder etc.).

Use: dusty operations, road reparations, industrial floor reparations, sport areas maintenance...

  • high output, robust construction of the vacuum air pump, stainless material and easy operation › fast and effective cleaning
  • cyclon filtr › hard and frequent cleaning of a fabric filtr is no more necessary
If you want, we can placed Hepafiltr to the system
industrial vacuum cleaner

Technical parametres:

Engine output:2,9kW/3600 revolutions
Engine producer:Honda / Subaru
Sucking output max: 260 m3/hod
Underpressure max: 2500 mm H2O
Turbine rotation speed: 3600 ot/min
Equipment contains also underpressure ventil, engine hours counter and thermal fuse controlling over-heated of turbine.
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